Which Auto-responder To Use; Free Or Paid

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An Auto-responder is a software program that delivers email messages to the designated email accounts on autopilot. Using an auto-responder for email marketing is a must have for all online marketers. But as the price for quality auto-responder software or service is high, people sometimes look for a free one to meet their needs.

Paid auto-responder can be established by paying for the script and then installing it on our computer or server. Then we have to set it up so that it is ready to collect email addresses and send broadcasts. There are hundreds of paid auto-responder services out there and can easily be found through Google search. Once we find one, we have to see which meets out needs and budget. Paid services are the most used among online marketers as they are maintained and cared for by a third party.

We can as well buy an auto-responder software and install it on our computer or server. This kind of activity requires us to be well versed in the application and set up. If you are going to install the script on your server, you have to go through lots of steps to make sure everything is going well. Once little mistake on a code can literally break your website for good.

For those who want to use a free auto-responder service or software, there are some choices out there. Some email broadcasting services can give us a free trial. This gives us a window of opportunity to see if the service is for us. Some on the other hand give us a free account for a number of email accounts we want to broadcast to. There are free email broadcasting scripts too. We can install them on our web-server and set them up so that we can send email campaigns to our contacts.

The free services are usually for those who are doing a non-profitable activities or those who just start out on an online business. There is no guarantee as to when the free service provider wants to change their terms of service. Installing a script on our server has also its own difficulties as one little mistake can do a lot of damage to our website.

The best advice to those who want to do an online business is to use paid third party auto-responder services so that everything is easy and secured. Businesses shouldn’t spend lots of precious time figuring out how to set up an email campaign. The third party will make sure the service is well maintained, email addresses are collected and broadcasts are delivered as intended.