Web Design The Right Way

Web design incorporates many different facets and improvisations, but one thing must remain clear and that is the purpose of a web page in the first place. The sole purpose of even having a web page is to create a result. Remember the result is what counts.

Another trend that is happening is that truly effective websites are getting away from the fluff and moving toward the functional. There are some really great looking websites out there that are stupendous in the way that they look, but when it comes to drawing in clients and delivering a well oiled marketing process, they fail miserably because they have missed the main point – marketing and giving people what they want to buy is how you become and stay successful.

Too many websites have been built by artists and not by marketers. Getting back to what sells and what motivate people to buy your products and services are not pretty websites that have lots of great pictures. Good graphics can help a lot, but not unless they are secondary to the message, will they be effective. Otherwise they simply get in the way of the main message.

The main message of your website should be content that compels your prospect to buy. Nothing more, nothing less. Otherwise your prospective customer is doing nothing more than enjoying your pretty pictures, but there is nothing else going on.

More web design should be focusing on copywriting and the impulses and wants of the target audience that you are trying to reach. When a person with whom you identify as being a prospect for your particular brand comes on to your website, they should be saying to themselves, “Now this is the product that I have been looking for, and I have finally found it.” Find Out More

Stop and think for a minute how you think when you visit a web page. You are either going there for information only, or you are seeking more specific information with which you can make a judgement as to whether or not you want to buy the product.


Next you have to think for a minute how people get to your website in the first place. If they come to you by a search engine like Google, then they are already looking for what you are selling because your whole site should be optimized for that. If they come to your from a local ad, a flyer or a link, the same thing pretty much holds true.

So anytime someone comes to your site, if you are a business owner, it is because they are already predisposed to buy your product, so why would you want to lead them any where else if that is what they have in mind?

Take great care to lead the prospective customer to where he wants to go. If “buy” is the fourth step in the process, take him from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and make it easy for him to buy and do business with you.