Use Music To Define Your Brand

Just as business logo colors can tell a lot about brand image, the same goes for the background music that plays inside the store. The genre of music played as well as the song selections are an important part of brand experience. The kind of business you are operating or the type product you are selling needs to be supported by the right kind of music that will leave a good and solid imprint of your brand in the minds of the customers.

If unsure about how to go about choosing the right kind of music that will play inside your store and define your business, here are some tips to get you started from the team at

Know your customers. Every business caters to a specific niche market. Knowing your customer demographics will help you choose the right type of music that will create an ambiance that will please your customers the moment they step into your establishment. By default, high-energy music attracts younger crowd while soft, classical music attracts an older audience. Learning more about customer behavior will help you narrow down the music choices that will appeal to your customers as well as define your brand.

Keep the music updated. While it is important to maintain a certain genre to keep your brand image in line, keeping your playlist updated is also important. Explore both old and new music within the chosen genre. Change your playlist periodically to prevent annoying repetitive music.

Be mindful of the volume. Music played too loud can literally be sending signals to customers to keep out of your establishment. Keep the volume too low and it might get drowned in all the noise and not work its magic. Make the volume pleasant to the ears, enough to make a decent conversation while still being able to experience the lull of the music. If loud, rock music is part of the branding for instance, it is not necessary to keep the volume high. Simply choose music with more powerful vocals or drum beats and it should be able to send the brand message.

Consider audio advertising. Having an audio commercial for your brand playing periodically in between songs can help further establish brand image and create a distinctive audio stamp. And after all efforts have been exhausted without much progress, and you realize that using music for branding is a more serious matter than you thought, here is your most convenient option.

Find a digital music vendor that could help. For business owners who are not too keen about music, seeking the help of professionals may be necessary. Todays business trend is getting a digital internet streaming service that will take care of everything from finding the appropriate music for the business, creating a sufficient playlist, setting it up in the store, adjusting the appropriate volume settings, and constantly updating and scheduling the song mixes to avoid music repetition. It is also encouraged to keep abreast of the latest trends in internet streaming to be able to plan promotional strategies using the medium of digital audio.