The Right Approach To Hiring A Fraud Barrister

Frauds happen much more often than commonly thought. Fraud cases are extremely complex as there is a large amount of information that needs to be organised and processed for the case. While a general criminal solicitor may also claim to adequately represent the client, it is recommended to hire the services of an experienced fraud barrister with proven track record in the particular area of law.

Fraud barristers provide legal representation for various types of fraud including employee fraud, proceeds of crime act, benefit fraud, tax fraud, computer fraud and various other such matters. Whether you are the victim of a fraud or defending an allegation of fraud, your chances of success depend a lot on working with the right barrister.

Fraud cases typically involve various types of hearings including freezing orders, search orders, summary judgement applications as well as full trial. Due to the detailed nature of the work in such cases, the trials often last up to several months in more complex cases. A typical fraud case usually requires several months of preparation followed by around a month for trial and sometimes even more.

Due to huge complexity, big fraud cases usually involve a large cast of witnesses, a lot of documentary evidence and substantial amount of money.

While there is no dearth of lawyers who claim to have experience in dealing with fraud cases, there is a lot of difference between a lawyer who understand the specifics of the case and others with no idea of the practical aspects of the case. While hiring a fraud lawyer, it is important that you hire a lawyer who has experience in that particular field.

Financial Fraud

In case of financial frauds, it is imperative to hire a fraud lawyer who understands the basics of company law and various company structures including the role of shareholders, directors and other such things. He or she should also understand the basics of business involving various regulations, banking laws and financial products.

Computer Fraud

Allegations of computer-based fraud are increasing each year as ever-increasing amount of business is being done via computers. Everyone does not understand the technology involved in such cases and it is difficult to provide good representation without understanding the intricacies of the technology involved. Therefore, you should hire a lawyer who is an expert in dealing with computer fraud cases.

Benefits Fraud

Government offers a wide range of benefits to people in the UK and these benefits are extremely invaluable for those genuinely in need. There are certain people who take advantage of this process and claim benefits even when they are not entitled and this is against the law.

Due to the potential for misuse, all claimants are also subjected to investigation but there have been cases where people have been treated unfairly after an investigation. In addition to the threat of loss of benefits, the Department of Works and Pension may also start criminal proceedings against an individual who they believe is involved with benefit fraud.

The charges carry severe penalties and an individual accused of benefits fraud needs to hire the services of a specialist barrister who understands the process and can adequately represent the client.

While fraudsters committing serious frauds should be prosecuted, there are times when innocents get caught in the middle and are wrongly accused of fraud. In such cases, they need an experienced fraud barrister to help their case and prove the allegations false.