Tecademics Education Products

Tecademics offers a unique online and on campus education program for online marketing. Tecademics education products have been developed using their own accelerated learning system that they call their Systematic Path Process (SPP). The objective was to create a college like experience for students where they offer accelerated but structured learning that can be taken both online as well as on campus at their training facilities. Tecademics plans to roll out campuses all around the globe. Their first campus is currently located in Scottsdale Arizona.

When compared to a traditional online university, rather than offering majors, Tecademics has opted for ‘pathways’. Their pathways are broken down into the Employee Path, the Entrepreneur Path and the Mentor Path.

The Employee Path

This path is geared towards employers wanting to send their staff for specialised training around a specific need or skillset that they require in their business. With traditional marketing systems giving way to digital marketing and social media, companies have to ensure that their staff are able to adapt to the market and obtain the skills required for the company to stay competitive or even outstrip their competitors. The employee path provides the ideal format for this requirement and Tecademics offers a range of courses to choose from.

The Entrepreneur Path

This path is geared towards entrepreneurs looking to take their busines to the next level or start a consulting agency. The ability to generate new leads every month is core to growing and maintaining a healthy business. Tecademics offers the entrepreneur the opportunity to gather the knowledge and skills required to generate all the leads they require. Business development skills such as financial literacy, business plans, accounting, managing staff and outsourcing are some areas covered by this path. The entrpreneur path is geared to empower entrepreneurs with the skills they require to be successful in business today.

The Mentor Path

The mentor path focuses on providing hands on training mainly on-site at campus. This path provides a much more detailed and supervised approach where skills are taught and systems implemented while in class where an intsructor is available over the shoulder to help as needed. An example is the Tecademics eCom Incubator program where students attend a 5 day workshop in which they will learn and setup their own Shopify store, get training on how to select products, actually install them in their store and then market the products on Facebook while in class. This is a premier path but you leave with not only the skills, but also the implementation under direct supervision by trainers who are experts in thye field which helps to ensure success in your training.