Storage In Calgary The Facts And Figures

Although the concept of storage originated in the US, it has become big business in the Calgary and more of us using it than ever before. In fact, there are now more than 800 facilities across the country covering an area of 30 million square feet.

Who exactly is using Business storage Calgary however? Only just topping the table is businesses who come in at 36%. This is very closely followed by house movers (35%) and then those who are decluttering make up 11%. 10% of people using self-storage are doing so because theyre doing home improvements, students and those are travelling make up 4% and the remaining 5% is taken up by other reasons.

As housing prices continue to increase in the Calgary, many of us are limited for space in our homes. As a result, the length of time people are keeping their items in self-storage for is on the rise. In 2007, the average length of time people kept their belongings in storage in Calgary for was 22 weeks. This now risen to an incredible 41 weeks.
The Canada cities with the most storage space versus population include Toronto, Monreal, Edmonton, Ottawa and way ahead in the lead is unsurprisingly, Calgary.

What exactly are people putting into their units? Most commonly, individuals put anything from decorations, seasonal clothing, sporting equipment and childrens toys that may be re-used in the future and even vehicles. Business typically uses these facilities to safely store office equipment, tools, important documents and supplies.

Storage in Calgary is also taking in other parts of world. The countries with the highest number of facilities open include Denmark, Finland, France, Germany and Spain. When it comes to storage space across Europe, the Canada takes up 41% of the pie. Showing just how big the concept is in this country, the Netherlands is in second place with just 15%.

Interestingly, the number of people using storage in Calgary does seem to correlate with age wirth18-34 being the most popular bracket for using these facilities. This is more than likely because this is time when people are going to university, moving house, buying properties, having children and in todays entrepreneurial world, setting up their own business. People aged 55+ were the least likely to use storage in Calgary which is probably because by now kids have moved out of home so the house isnt as cluttered.