Roi Of Branding A Website Launch Announcement

A website launch is an inspiring and significant event which can build your business reputation and increase

its reach. However, this is not something to complete without forethought. You must complete many steps to make

the launch a success and get the best return on investment. These steps include making plans, setting goals,

planning search engine optimations and content strategies and creating a maintenance plan. Complete these steps

before implementing the launch plan.

By building a successful brand, the website can establish trust and over time build recognition. This

recognition will promote the company’s unique selling proposition, which will lift the company above the

competition. Building a successful brand will increase website traffic, open the company to global markets,

bring more unique visitors to the site, increase referral traffic and improve page viewing times.

Understanding the Brand Marketing Process:

1. Complete the 5 Phases of Branding for Business Development

2. Develop a Roadmap for the Brand – Including the brand experience, core values, primary and secondary

messages, personality and icons.

3. Produce a Strategic Marketing Plan for the Brand – Including the brand mission, situation analysis, the

brand’s competitive advantage, the lifecycle of the product, segmentation of the target market, researching the

market and competition and generating keywords.

4. Creating the Key Messages for the Brand – Including creative direction, primary content creation strategy,

tertiary brand message and copywriting.

5. Producing Brand Designs – Including art direction, new media designs, selecting images and programming.

6. Choosing Proven Distribution Channels and Applications – Including social networking, the internet, site

analytics and guerilla PR.

Build the Site Information Architecture

1. Construction of the site on wireframes for the management of content flow.

Implement a Content Mangement System

1. Choose the best system for streamlining the constant input of data
2. Set up a webmaster and site usage guide

Incorporate a Search Engine Optimization Strategy

1. Track Google Analytics to assess and modify the site
2. Read the ISI Top 10 SEO Strategies

Launch the Site and Promote Through the Distribution Channels

1. Send a site announcement to all business development, retention, marketing and recruiting touchpoints,

including press releases, customer contacts, email signatures, stakeholders, and documents.

Surveys are a good way to determine how your readership feels about the site. Premier Surveys offer a free

survey application that can be used to create online surveys, email surveys, and web surveys. You can also use

them to assess employee and customer satisfaction and complete market research surveys. This is one of the best

ways to gather the information that can help you fine tune your website for your target market.

These free applications can help a web designer efficiently improve a website to serve their visitors. Also,

these applications can assist in improving the quality of a web designers work.