Migrating From Myob To Xero

Are you looking to migrate from MYOB to Xero accounting software? NBC Xero Accountants are the perfect choice, ranking in the top 5 Xero Gold partners in Brisbane.

If you’ve already migrated to an online accounting option such a MYOB (Mind Your Own Business), then you’re well aware of the benefits of this way of accounting.

Many clients are recognising the benefits of Xero Accounting Software and if you’re ready to do the same, Northern Business Consultants are there to help and make the process as seamless as possible. From setting up your files to training and support, NBC are there to help.

First let’s make sure we understand the concept of Cloud Accounting.

Cloud Accounting may seem like a foreign and possibly complicated term but it is actually a way of making accounting easy, especially for smaller business where resources are often limited. This system allows you to use the internet to access software.

So no more installing software to your company’s computers and having to purchase upgrades or wait until data is manually updated to get an accurate view.

An example of cloud computing is for example your Yahoo account – the data and software is stored remotely but allows you to access it from any computer, whenever you wish. Cloud Accounting is the same concept and Xero does it best.

So to make it easier to understand, another word to describe cloud accounting is online accounting.  Cloud computing runs on remote servers and allows you access via the internet.

Companies are benefiting in time and money because no longer do they need to purchase costly hardware and software. With the Xero software you can access your data any time of day from whichever device you choose, even your mobile phone.

Your accountant/bookkeeper can access the information from wherever they are in the world and give you advice in real time. Information is more accurate because it’s updated automatically – the system can link with your bank account, credit card and Paypal so that any transactions are recorded on the Xero system.

The information is therefore more accurate and because it is updated automatically and there is only one ledger kept, there is significantly less room for errors, something that can prove costly in accounting.

So now your accountant can provide advice immediately, you don’t have to send them the file and then wait for them to receive, download and review it. They can access the same data as you in real-time.

Another major benefit is that with cloud accounting like Xero, the software is automatically updated which negates the need to download updates which can be so time-consuming.

Xero can be integrated with other cloud applications allowing you to sync information like client details, sales info etc.

Speaking to one of the NBC team is the first step in revolutionising the way your company does business. Like over 600,000 other business owners around the world, it will be the best move you can make for your business.