Maximize Your Online Income With These 5 Tips And Seo Rules For 2016

Every online entrepreneur is well aware of the fact that it’s getting increasingly hard to make money online, not only because there is more and more competition in virtually every niche of online marketing, but also because of Google’s constant updates. A legitimate question arises: How to stay one step ahead of your competitors and make money? The answer is: SEO or search engine optimization.

What Is SEO Exactly?

Simply put, SEO or search engine optimization is the process of ranking a website high in a search engine’s results. Obviously, the most important source of traffic for every website is organic, search engine traffic. Or, as people in the online marketing world say: “No one looks at the second page of Google’s search results.” Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to optimize your website in order for it to rank highly, which will bring traffic to your website and, in return – generate revenue.

How To Maximize Your Income Using Search Engine Optimization? 5 Tips and SEO Rules for 2016

The world of internet marketing is constantly changing and evolving and if you don’t adapt – you sink. Google is making about 500 algorithm changes a year, Which means implementing groundbreaking SEO tactics is what makes all the difference between You and your competition. Now, let’s see how to maximize your income using SEO in the year 2016:

1) Content is what counts – keyword stuffed, spun articles are past. Original content that provides value for a particular website’s visitors is what it’s all about and in this year we can expect a continuation of that philosophy from Google. In fact, not only that you need to have original content on your website, short 300 or 500 word articles don’t do it any more. Size matters to Google, therefore longer articles (more than 1000 words) will perform much better in a search engine’s results in the upcoming year.

2) Optimize your website for smartphone users – according to recent research, people spend more time online on their phones than on their lap tops or PCs. That’s why optimizing your website for mobile use is definitely something to strive for.

3) Use unique images on your website – having unique images on your website is becoming more and more valuable to Google. Stock photos are still alright, but using custom made images or unique photography will definitely pay out more in the long run.

4) It’s not about the click – a few years ago, getting a visitor to click on your website was all that it took. Now, with all these algorithm updates, so called post-click activity is what counts. New, sophisticated algorithms are able to “see” how users interact with your website.

5) Focus on your audience – in the past internet marketers were able to get away with promoting what they wanted their targeted demographic to see, now all that matters is delivering to them what they actually want – offering real value, insight and information.

Every successful internet marketer will tell you that today’s internet marketing is a very volatile industry and it’s safe to say that search engine optimization is key to finding success online and number one thing that will give you competitive advantage. Stay one step ahead, work hard, play by Google’s rules, crush your competition and make money. It’s the only way.