How To Track Offline Marketing Campaigns

Offline marketing is still an effective way to advertise products, especially when its used to support online efforts. The challenge is how to efficiently track performance and measure the success of both platforms. Tracking marketing metrics, needless to say, is important. Heres why.

Tracking can help businesses in knowing what strategies generate response. It can also tell them what approaches they should abandon.

Most consumers dont care about offline materials. With a good tracking system, you can cut cost by identifying low-performing materials and not using them in future campaigns.

By tracking repetitive visits and purchases, youll know who your loyal customers are. You can then modify your approach to allow these people to keep patronizing your products and offerings.

Strategizing to track your impact offline can be exciting. Once the data starts coming in, youll become more motivated to be creative in coming up with ways to increase response. To help you get more clicks and make your ads noticeable and memorable, heres what you can do with your materials.


Billboards are expensive. To maximize return from using them, creativity is important. Create materials can attract attention, lead consumers to go to your site, encourage them to experience your products and ultimately, make them decide to start a deeper relationship with you.

Subway Signage

The fact that signage materials crowd subway advertising space is only one thing to consider. Compounding the problem is that you will be competing with humongous volumes of competing materials, just to be noticed. And if you happen to succeed in being noticed, does it assure you that conversion is on the way?

The challenge is to make people take another step in their purchase journey. Give them short links to the different pages you have on your site. Then, know which of the links can produce sales. In other words, guide your audience to the spot where they can have a really nice experience with your company. Do the same thing with your transits, wall murals, posters and banners.

Direct Mail

Printed marketing items such as brochures and flyers have downsides to them, but they are the ones often used in cases where an advertiser wants to send a more personal message to a potential customer.

If you find your direct mail difficult to track, exert more effort to make it more appealing, convincing, actionable, and able to direct your potential customers to your online site. To get more ideas, hire a printing company that can help you create materials that can be easily tracked.

In conclusion, its important that, with all the efforts you want to put into your offline marketing, you make sure that you can measure the effect it has on your campaign.

Further, you cannot generalize the effect. Use a tracking system that can help you identify the strategy, the location, and the links that can bring revenue to your business.