How Brand Awareness Can Be Increased Through Digital Marketing Channels?

There are so many brands nowadays that it can be difficult for a new brand to raise awareness among customers about its product or services. For a customer to buy from a brand, a brand has to first establish itself. Digital marketing channels can be used for the purpose of raising brand awareness, but every strategy should be executed properly, and with patience.


What is the most difficult and problematic thing that people often dont want to do? Answering questions of other people! A brand can start with Quora, and raise awareness about their brand. Even though it is a very unusual digital marketing technique, it can be used effectively. The first thing that a brand should do, is search for products similar to what they produce on Quora. There would be plenty of old and new questions about a product and a brand can start by answering those questions, which no one has answered.

How does answering questions create brand awareness? It does; whenever a brand answers a question, it should leave the link of a web page that contains a description of a relevant product. When the user who asked the question about the product sees the link, he would surely click on it to explore the details further

Create A Persona

Social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat let their users create different personas. For example, a user can become an old character and talk like one, to amuse his followers and purely for entertainment purposes. A brand can choose a character which they feel is closest to what their brand stands for, and then they can communicate with their Instagram or Snapchat customers, through that character. This would be a wonderful way to build brand awareness, as when people get entertained, they remember who entertained them. The character that the brand chooses can promote products in a humorous way, for customer retention.

Same News & Platforms

If a marketer is posting an article on Twitter that he thinks his followers would find useful, he should never post that same content on Facebook. For every social media platform, the tone of the marketer should be different. If a brand posts serious content all the time, then users would get bored with the brand, sooner than later. Marketers should create playful posts that they can post on platforms like Facebook, and they can create to the point posts, which they can share on Twitter.

Same Brand Image

The brand message that a marketer posts on one platform, should be consistent with other platforms as well. This is not about posting the same content, but posting the same brand image. For example, on one platform, a brand might post high quality images, but on the other, the quality of the image might vary. This would make customers feel that the brand prefers one platform over the other. Moreover, the values that a brand wants to establish should be consistent as well. This means that they cant be rude to their customers on any platform, and if they are responding customers on Facebook, then they cant ignore them on Twitter.

Instagram Influencers

Brands can easily find Instagram influencers, who are popular among Instagram users. These influencers should have an impact on users, so that they can promote a brands image. For example, influencers can talk about how they had a good customer experience with the brand, or how the brand sent those free products for testing, and the products turned out to be good. If the product has some environmentally friendly ingredients in it, or it provides some kind of ease to users, then influencers would also mention such points. This would create a good brand image, one that a brand can benefit from in the future.

Short Videos

Who has the time to watch long videos? Not many people! Brands can make short videos, three or four times a week, and post them on social media websites. These videos can be informative, humorous, promotional or heart touching. For example, people like videos which show how humans and animals coexist and help each other out in their time of need. It is not necessary to promote a product through posts all the time; in order to establish a caring brand image, a brand can posts such videos. These videos are short, sweet, touchy, and they catch the attention of users right away. Videos can also include infographics, to make them more educational and short.