Getting White Card Training Online In Nsw Made Easy

People in NSW are finding getting their mandatory White Card accreditation for construction work a lot simpler with the online white card course.

Important Information about the NSW White Card 

The NSW WorkSafe White Card is not available online but only through costly, time-consuming courses with face-to-face training at a traditional training institution. However National recognition legislation allows White Cards issued in other states to be recognised on NSW worksites.

Completing the course with us online means you will receive a Queensland issued White Card which is accepted on all NSW construction sites.

Things have been a lot easier for workers in NSW because they can complete the course online and receive their white card in the mail. There is never any need to leave your home, simply register online and make the payment by credit card. Then review the course material at your leisure, when and where it suits you, and complete the online and telephone based assessments. Once successfully complete, you send us the necessary documents and we will despatch your White Card via the Australian postal system.

No matter where in Australia you live, even in regional and remote locations, you can complete the course. If you have access to a computer with an internet connection, you can register for the online course and save yourself the hassle and expense of a face-to-face course.

Join thousands of construction workers in NSW who chose to complete their mandatory white card training online. Because the course is always available, day and night, you can complete the course anytime you have free time. You can even fit the training into your regular schedule, completing parts of it now and then when you have spare time. The course is simple to complete with many past students doing so in 3-4 hours in a single sitting. The course also picks up at the spot where you finish off each time, so you can choose to do the entire course in one session or over a longer period.

Why is the Course Important?

The construction industry is one of the pillars of the NSW economy and the industry is booming at the moment meaning that workers’ wages are soaring. However with all the opportunities and rewards that construction has for workers, it is also one of the top 4 high risk industries.

The NSW construction industry does enjoy better safety rates than other states but it is still important that we ensure everyone who enters a construction site does so with basic safety knowledge to enable them to work in a manner that does not endanger their own safety or that of those around them. It is also fulfilment of a mandatory federal occupational health and safety requirement.

WorkCover NSW figures showed that 1209 injuries and illnesses and 3 fatalities took place in the south west of the state in the 3 years to 2010/2011. These injuries and fatalities cost the compensation system $14.3 million. In the Northeast the cost was $8.3 million.

The high financial cost of injury pales in comparison to the real cost – the lives of workers lost and the loss to their families as well as the suffering workers have to endure if they suffer debilitating and lifelong injuries. That is why it is so important to complete a quality white card course with a trusted and industry leading RTO (registered training organisation).