Criminal Appeals Barristers To The Rescue

Your Story Doesnt End Here

After a conviction and after sentencing most people think that their story ends. They think that all decisions are final and that there is nothing that they can do. In some cases this is true but in other cases there is a lot that can be done. The truth is that the courts do not always get it right, the highest expression of the law is not always followed and mistakes are made that can lead to resentencing or a new trial. We do not say this just to get your hopes up but to let you know that these decisions are not always final and we are here to ensure that justice is truly served.

The Law Is Objective

One thing that makes our nation great is that our laws are made to defend those who are accused of crimes and it ensures that they receive a fair trial and sentencing. Prosecutors and the public often forget this and instead act as if the courts are designed as a retribution agency. This belief also lends itself to casting almost anyone who is charged or convicted of a crime as the most awful person on earth. We are lucky that the creators of our laws knew that to be a truly free and just nation, everyone deserves not only their day in court but they also deserve to be treated with respect and with fairness.

The Linchpin

The linchpin in appeals are the criminal appeals barristers who fight to ensure that justice is served. A criminal appeals barrister is a legal professional who specializes in defending people against wrongful convictions and sentences. This is very much a specialized part of the law where only an expert should be hired. The work that criminal appeals barristers do is not for novice barristers, barristers who have little experience directly working in appeals or for barristers who are not up for a fight.

It is wise to know what to expect from the appeals process but it is different for sentencing and convictions. When it comes to convictions the goal is to present enough evidence and facts that the law wasnt properly applied or that there is new information that has to be taken into consideration and that a new trial must be issued. For sentencing the goal is to show that the sentencing was incorrect, unfair, that new information should be heard and that it would suggest that there should be a change in sentencing. Sentencing appeals lead to a reduced sentence, freedom due to time served or sentencing that is non-custodial.

As you can see, a criminal appeals barrister is very important to this process and who you hire will make all the difference. Hire a barrister who is a fighter, who knows what to do and who is truly on your side. If you hire such a barrister, you will be in very good hands and you will improve your chances of a favorable outcome.