Affordable Printed Marketing Materials

Hiring a printing company to mass produce printed marketing pieces does not come cheap. Businesses often find it challenging to find a commercial printer that can meet their orders at a friendly rate.

However, this doesnt mean that a company should settle for spending thousands for offline marketing. Below are seven affordable printed materials for marketing that your business can invest in:

1. Business cards – Business cards are a staple of any business, and they are often the cheapest to produce, too. Most commercial printers offer attractive packages that include a standard design and a set number of cards.

2. Door hangers – Most hotels invest in quality door hangers that they can use multiple times. While the Do Not Disturb or Please Clean the Room text is essential, you can use the remaining space to lay out your hotel name and logo, and if the space permits, one or two items in your in-house restaurant or service in your resident spa.

3. Flyers – Flyers are the cheapest printed materials for marketing. Most commercial printers can mass produce flyers easily, especially if they are set in only one color. A Risograph machine can produce thousands of sheets in a short amount of time. Flyers are also easy to distribute, and can be given away on sidewalks, or left at a strategic place on your front desk, or at a partner establishment.

4. Magnets – Magnets are popular offline marketing paraphernalia because they are so easy to distribute and they last for a long time. Consumers can quickly see them whenever they go to the kitchen, and for those who collect magnets in the office, whenever they go to their working area. The magnets dont need to be big. The size should just be enough for people to see your business name or logo clearly.

5. Notepads – People love notepads because theyre useful. Take advantage of this and design notepads that display your business name and logo in a prominent place. Adding other items to the layout is optional. Just make sure you leave enough space for the users to actually write notes.

6. Pocket calendars – Pocket calendars are usually distributed at the beginning of the year. While one side is dedicated to the actual calendar, you can utilize the other side to promote your brand, a bestselling product, or new merchandise you want to promote for that year.

7. Stickers – Many printing companies offer affordable packages for bulk orders of stickers. Stickers are good marketing tools because consumers can literally stick them almost anywhere. This makes it easy for them to remember your brand or your product whenever they see your sticker on their belongings.

There are other printed marketing pieces that are affordable and will last a long time. Just do your research and find a printing company that will offer the best deal for all your marketing requirements.