Advantages Of Hiring A Criminal Appeals Barrister

Being found guilty of a criminal offense should not be the end of the road for you. If there is a higher court, it is always possible to review the vase through filing an appeal. Appealing a criminal case is a long and complex procedure that should be left to a barrister with extensive experience in criminal matters. Here are 5 reasons why you should seek the help of a criminal appeals barrister to handle your appeal.

1. Tight timeframe for filing appeals

After a conviction is read out, an accused person is given a tight deadline to file an appeal. In most instances, criminal cases in the UK should be appealed within twenty-one days. An experienced lawyer appreciates the importance of sticking to the timeframes that have been provided by the court and will ensure that all technical issues that pertain to the appeal are dealt with in the right manner. A criminal appeals barrister will invest time and resources to prepare the appeals on your behalf and ensure that the conviction is dropped or the length of sentencing reduced drastically.

2. The barristers can raise important questions of law

The lawyers will study how the conviction and sentencing was arrived at and raise important questions of law. The legal professionals will raise and argue out issues of law can could bring about massive changes in the final direction that the verdict will take.

3. They know which type of appeal to launch

Experienced barristers with an in-depth knowledge of the UK law can choose to appeal against the conviction or against the sentence that was meted on the accused person. The legal experts can make a decision about this after doing a thorough review of the case files. After hearing of the appeal, the case can be reheard again in the lower court that passed the judgment or thrown out completely. No matter the type of appeal that is chosen, there is no doubt that the help of experienced and highly knowledgeable Queens Counsel in the UK can be of great benefit.

4. They can do thorough research of your case

Appealing a case in the UK is never an easy task. There is massive research that goes into it and top lawyers will be able to offer their expertise and high level of efficiency in handling the appeal. With this amount of effort, it is possible that the appeal can be won.

5. They are experienced in handing criminal appeals

Appealing a criminal case requires a highly specialized line of knowledge that most barristers do not have. This is why enlisting the help of a top criminal appeals lawyer is highly advisable