About School Badges

Badges have a long history. In ancient history, badges were worn as symbols of rank and identification. Individuals belonging to a certain organization wore or presented badges as proof of their membership. Badges are awarded to those who may have accomplished something within a certain group. The practice still exists very much today within the military, government organizations, sports teams, and of course, schools.

School badges are as diverse and different as the students who wear them. They could be made of any material such as plastic, metal, enamel, or leather. They could also be made into any shape, with any design.

The most common type of school badges are composed of the schoolâs logo and motto. Typically, these are seen stitched on a studentâs school uniform, often on the breast pocket or blazer (common with schools in the United Kingdom). Other types of badges could include special designations like being a member of the student council, being a prefect, hall monitor, and so on. School clubs and organizations could also develop their own badge designs. Badges could also be awarded to students who have performed really well in their classes or during sporting events.

Badge Shapes and Types

While badges could be made into any shape, these are some of the most common when a person thinks of a school:

Bar badges â badges that are shaped likes rectangles. These are usually used to bear a studentâs name or their designation within the school, which could range from prefect to student council president to judge of a school event.

Shield badges â an alternate shape to bar badges, shield badges were made to make designations look more regal or important. With the exception of bearing the studentâs name, shield badges are usually inscribed with student positions like Head Girl or Boy, Team Captain, and Captain (of any of the schoolâs sporting teams).

Organization badges â these badges could be made from plastic to enamel, and will usually distinguish a student by the organization they are a member of. Designs could be the comedy and tragedy masks for the theater club, a palette for the art club, or a G-clef or other musical notes for the music club.

Button badges â button badges are usually given to children in preschool or grade school. Teachers could give them as awards in their class. For instance, a button badge could say âStar Studentâ or âBest Reader,â which could then be taken home by the child or worn in class for all to see.