15 Helpful And Enjoyable Team Building Activities

It’s the obligation of leaders to make sure that their members have high morale. One of the methods to maintain their best form is to organize some fun activities that will alleviate stress.

1. Dragon Boating

This is a fun and good activity throughout summer. Enjoy a few watersports. Dragon boating is a fantastic way to illustrate the significance of teamwork and reinforce team spirit.

2. Build Playhouses

This game is both exciting and gratifying at the same time. Use your creativity when constructing playhouses for kids. This activity will not only help your team develop better relationships with each other but also improve their artistic skills.

3. Loop de loop

It is time to do a little exercise and shake matters. Your team has to form a circle whilst protecting others fingers. Each hand will control a hula hoop. The goal of the game is to pass the hula hoop to others without letting go of the hands.

4. Helium Stick

This is a simple, yet exciting hobby that you may do in your office. Prepare a long stick which is called helium for each team member. The objective of the game is to have each member keep their index finger near their chest. Every person will then touch the stick without letting the stick fall.

5. Salt and Pepper

Put together portions of paper, then list “pairs” such as salt and pepper, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck, and so on. Tape each piece of paper on every person. Find their pair by strolling across the room, asking questions while blindfolded.

6. Fun Meetings

Here is a great way to add spice to a regular meeting. Rather than writing the agenda on a plain white piece of paper, write it on colored paper. Then, provide small rewards to everyone who can make a contribution to the agenda.

7. Talking in Circles

This can be difficult albeit fun and powerful way to practice coordination and teamwork. Let your team form a circle, then have them maintain a long string using their two hands around the circle. They need to create a shape without letting go of the string.

8. Paint-Balling

This game has the intention to provide an adrenaline rush and will keep the heart pumping. Paint balling is an amazing way to build teamwork as it requires regular communication, approach, and coordination. This game could also show that you may be both athletic and sensible.

9. Try ART

This is an abbreviation for Awareness of Reflexive Tendencies. This is a good way to check how the team will work in demanding and pressured situations. It will also help you see who stands out and who needs assistance in your group.

10. Move Tennis Balls

This game will show how rapid and agile you are and how you will react to “emergency” conditions. The goal of the game is simple. Every team gets as many tennis balls as possible within a certain amount of time.

11. Coin Logo

In this game, the team who has more coins collected and has creativity wins. Every participant needs to take out everything from their pockets. The goal is to create a shape or logo to symbolize the team through coins. They can also use other office materials together with pen and paper. The winner will be the team who can create the first-rate quality output and has maximized their cash and other gadgets.

12. Shoe Tower

You should divide the team into groups of 3 to 6 members. Every team has to take off their shoes and construct the tallest tower through the use of their shoes for 5 minutes. The winner will be the team who builds the tallest tower! This is one of the simplest yet meaningful team building games around.

13. Ride some bikes

Riding a bike is fun and relaxing. You can make it inspirational by educating teenagers while cycling. This is a great way to have a moment to speak about the realities in life with your youthful team members.

14. Build Prosthetic Hands

This is another worthwhile team building activity. Assist a few people in making prosthetic hands. It is a great hobby for the team to work with and you have the added benefit of helping someone. Check out the video below for more info on this program:

15. Getting to Know You

This is also a fun icebreaker. On a sheet of paper, describe or write anything about a team member. Let the team guess who that person through the written description is. This will help each team member to know more and appreciate their other team members.

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