Link Building And Its Importance In Your Seo Campaign

Link Building has always been and still is one of the most important parts in a SEO process. It is a major factor in your ranking, on Search engine result pages (SERP). Getting quality links can be one of the hardest tasks for a SEO specialist.

What is link building?

Consider it like a bridge between two websites. It is a hyper link on a website referring its users to another website. So if you are going through your SEO campaign and looking for link building Bill Lentis Media, you have to find other relevant websites to share the link of your page in their websites.

The difficulty rises when you look for leading and well reputed websites to share your link. Why would a well-reputed website share a link of another website?

It is simply because you have some high-quality content and information which is relevant to users of their websites.

Why is link building important for SEO?

When a well-reputed website shares a link of another website for its users, it is endorsing that the website it is referring to have quality and relevant content on their pages. It is a vote of confidence from other websites. This in turns raises your reputation in the eyes of Search engines.

Search engine like Google, uses PageRank (PR) as an algorithm, to count the quality and quantity of links to a page. It gives them a rough estimate about the importance of a website.

It is better to focus on quality links rather than focusing on quantity of your links. The reputation of the website sharing your link must be good in order for it to affect your SEO ranking positively.

How to get well reputed sites to link to your pages?

Getting links from authority or well reputed website is not a piece of cake, but not impossible at the same time. Here are a few tips which can help you get those links:

The first step is to check the content of your website. Do you have the quality and relevant content to attract these authority websites to consider linking to your pages? If no, you need to start working on your content. Add unique and well researched information. Update your pages with relevant and useful content on regular basis. Conduct some research on your products/services and share it on your pages to gain more attention.

Asking for help from people and friends you know in your industry is not a bad idea. They might help you find links from your relevant industry.

Reach out to influential figures on your industry; bloggers, social media personalities, and so on, ask them to review, rate and mention your products. This will help you gain more attention towards your pages.

Another way to secure high quality links is by guest posting. It has always been an important part for your link building process. Guest posting involves writing articles and posting them on other websites/blogs. This not only helps you engage with more bloggers and build your reputation, but you should always ask the host website to add link of your pages in the post.

Internal link building

Another aspect of link building is internal links. Internal link building is a link which refers to a page within the same domain or website. It is like a spiders web within a particular domain which guides you through different pages on that website.

Both internal and external links are of great significance in your ranking in search engine result pages (SERP). Search engines like Google uses Google bot, through which it crawls through these links and find relationships between the pages. More valuable links means more importance to the page by Google.

Make sure your website is well structured, so you can highlight the relationship and relevancy between your pages to Google. Make sure you have many links pointing towards your standout content, which could be any of your goods or services. The more links pointing towards it will raise its importance in front of Google and there will be better chances for it to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERP).


Whether you are looking for SEO of your website on your own or acquiring a help from a professional. Focus on your link building strategy and always make sure you have your best product/page highlighted when looking to acquire links or when setting the structure for your websites internal linking. This could be the product or service you are looking to sell to your customers. So it should be the focal point of your SEO campaign.