Easy Tricks Every Start Up Business Can Use To Optimize Seo Without Investing Much

Recent researches reveal that 90 percent of the online activity begins with the search engine. The ranking of your website depends very much on the domain authority, which also depends on other factors of SEO. A Startup business should focus on investing money in SEO optimization if it is aiming for high returns.

Following are a few simple SEO strategies search engine that will help improve rankings of a start-up website on Google and other search engines.

Good Quality Content

Google search algorithms give good quality content preferences. If your content is of high quality, it will attract more users to your website, and it will prolong their stay on your site because of the interesting content you are offering them. The time duration the users spend on your site is termed as dwell time. Longer dwell time is a critical factor in increasing your SEO rankings.

The users stay on your website for a long time if you provide useful content. As a result, it indicates Google that the information you are offering on your website is valuable and of high quality.

If you keep on publishing quality content on your website, the user will keep coming back on your website. This will help increase Google rankings of a start-up website.

Use The Right Keywords

You need to have an understanding of your potential audience searches for ranking high on Google. Using the right keywords is a crucial factor here. Discovering the kind of keywords your targeted audience will use is the primary job that needs to be done. There are various tools like Google Trends and Keywords everywhere that will help you get more information about the trending keywords.

When you are done gathering the right keywords, you need to create content that matches well with the keywords. Your content should stay meaningful and appropriate, and it shouldnt lose quality just because you want to stuff in the required keywords. You should always keep in mind that the content you are creating is for the people and not just for Google.

Put Your Focus On Local SEO

Local SEO uses keywords that focus on a specific location of where your business is located. For instance, if your startup business is based in Canada, the use of the keywords Canada should have a focus in your content. Lets assume you have a restaurant business in Canada then you need to use the keyword Canada restaurant in your content.

This will aid you in ranking in location-specific areas, and this will increase your chances of ranking high in the search results.

Website Speed Improvement

Every internet user knows how annoying it is when a page takes ages to load. In fact, it was revealed in a recent research that 50 percent of the people close the site if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. User experience is considered highly important by search engines like Google. That is the reason why Google algorithms take notice of the webpage loading speed when placing a particular website on the search list.

Great tools like Google Page Speed Insights and W3 total cache and some other useful tools can help you with the webpage speed problem. These tools play an essential role in optimizing images on your page or let you discover the culprits that are making your website run on a tortoise speed.

Improve Your Back Links And Outbound Links

You must be wondering why links accompany blog sites. Well, they are put there for a good reason. Bank links contribute a lot in improving your ranking on Google search engine. Back links provide information regarding the relevance of your content on your blog whereas outbound links help in referring the links outside of your blog posts.

The back links assist the search bots to get to your website quickly. A large number of back links will help you rank higher. Besides, it will increase the duration of the time the readers stay on your website.

Outbound links referring to quality and authoritative content will give Google the impression that your content was created with care and was well researched. This will help in boosting your rankings, as well.

Use Of Header Tags

If you come across a blog page that offers content that is fun and exciting, you feel like returning to that webpage again and again. You want to check out more content provided by the same source. This shows that your efforts in providing useful content to your user help in gaining good search results from Google as well.

The best idea to make your content readable and impressive is to create multiple headings and subheadings. Such content will give the skimmer users something useful to consume.

A Good Meta Description

When a search is done on Google, a short description of the content provided on the particular website comes in the results. After having a look at the title of the blog, the next thing you notice is the Meta description shown in the search result.

Most amateurs ignore the importance of Meta description, and because of that, some random lines from the website appear in the search engine results instead. Most of the users click the link after checking out the impressive Meta description provided by the website. So it is ideal for creating important and valuable content for Meta description so that users click on your site more often. When you are creating your Meta description, make sure to use the targeted keyword you want your content to be discovered for. The Meta description should be crisp and short and should be able to convey the message of the content you want to present.

Update Your Website Often

The more content you update on your website, the better it is. Google tends to rank the sites with fresh content on higher ranks rather than those which dont update their content often. So always make sure to publish new and exciting content regularly for improved ranking on Google.