11 Seo Basics You Should Know About

SEO beginners start by learning about the basics of SEO; there are going to be technical terms and terms that can be easily understood by beginners. Search Engine Optimization is all about getting a website to have a good ranking, but it cant be done by just writing excellent content; there are other factors involved, which should be taken into consideration.

Search Engines

The first thing an SEO beginner should know is that search engines are looking for the most relevant results, which they can provide to users. For example, if a user asks, When was Ryan Gosling born, then they should be shown a birth year, and not his spouse name.

Moreover, search engines assess the quality of a websites content; if it doesnt publish useful and helpful articles, or give a good user experience, then it will not be preferred by search engines. User experience is important, because it increases traffic towards a website; user experience can be ensured if a website is easy accessible and navigable.

Website Speed

There is no doubt that people are becoming impatient today; they want, access to information, as quick as possible. If a web page takes too much time to load, and not just once, but twice or thrice, then this can be bad for user experience. SEO beginners should always test a web page, before it goes online, so that users dont face problems.


Why would Google rank a website high in their SERPs, if the website isnt compatible with multiple devices and browsers? A website should have a responsive design, so that it is compatible with multiple mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets, and it can load on different browsers, like Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Internal Links

Internal links are links within a website; for example, when a user is reading an article about the stock exchange, they will find a link to another article within the same website, talking about the different stock exchanges all around the world. SEO beginners should pay attention to internal linking, because it keeps a user on a website, browsing, for a long time. It also increases traffic to other web pages, particularly the ones that have not been doing so well.

Link From An Authority

Authority websites are those that users trust the most. If a website is able to get an external link from an authority website, then that would be a benefit for them. They would be able to increase their credibility, along with traffic towards the website. If a website wants link from an authority website, then they have to produce quality content.

Title Tags

Title tags are important, because they tell a search engine what a website is all about. An SEO beginner should always put their most important keywords in title tags. Title tags are written in the head area of a website and the SEO beginner should always give priority to user intent, when deciding what to write in title tags.

Meta Descriptions

Everyone has done a summary in some part of their academic life, and meta descriptions are no different. They are like a summary of a web page or a website, and the only difference is that they include keywords. Meta descriptions are important, because they act as a first impression on a user, and tell them why they should click on a link.

Schema Markup

SEO is about making information appealing and schema markup helps in doing so. With the help of schema markup, a website, for example a restaurants website, can include their customer rating, image of dishes and cooking time. If a lot of helpful information is presented on the main page of search engine results, under a websites link, then a user would be motivated to click on it.

Local SEO

If a website wants to improve their Google search engine ranking, then they should make it easier for people to find them in local search engine results. Google serves users results based on where they are located; if they are living in Florida, then they will get restaurant recommendations that are serving in Florida. This makes search engine results more relevant. A website should register with Google, and make sure that the information they are sharing with Google is fresh and up-to-date; if customers get an old phone number, they will be disappointed.

Comments Of Visitors

SEO beginners might feel that turning off comments to the content they have posted would be a great idea. However, they should know that turning off comments sends a bad message to customers, as they feel that their opinion and feedback is not valued. If comments are not turned off, then an SEO marketer and beginner can learn more about their target audience and the problems that they face.

Content & Links

Customers visit a website to access content, and if they find content that is only developed for search engines, they wont visit the website again. The content has to be interesting, relevant and fresh; if content is not relevant, then it wont be displayed on SERPs. Moreover, SEO consultant Boston beginners should test their internal and external links to see if any links are broken or have outdated information. Testing links is a part of making sure that the SEO performance of a website is good.

If visitors of a website find broken links, then they will report the link, and that would send a bad signal to search engines. SEO beginners should learn these basics, so that they are able to execute an SEO marketing campaign effectively. These basics would not only help them in promoting their own business, but for individuals who are looking to get hired by companies, they can do a good job as well. SEO is here to stay, because it is an effective way to promote a website, a companys products or services, and create a brand image for them.